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Love Only Knows Love

Let me just start off by saying I am a Christian, I believe in God and the Holy Bible. So I guess that means I’m suppose to believe same sex marriage is wrong, because the Bible says so, right? Wrong. Even though I am a Christian, I think people should be able to love whoever makes them happy without being judged. Who am I to judge anyone? The Bible also says you aren’t suppose to judge others, and to love thy neighbor. Now I know we all sin, if God wanted us to be perfect he would’ve made us that way. So if you judge gay/lesbian couples because it’s a sin, you are no better than they are because you are also committing a sin. The way I see it, everyone will have to answer for their own choices on their judgement day, so I am not going to spend my life concerned with how other people choose to live their lives, because in the end I won’t have to answer for them. I only have myself to answer for, so I’m only worried about the life I want to live. But, as far as interracial couples go, why are there still so many people with so much hate about this? There’s nothing in the Bible or any type of deadly sin on this matter, so it can’t be blamed on religion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but really what’s the big deal here? Mixed race couples are becoming more and more common so it cant just be ignored, and it shouldn’t be. Again, people should be able to love whoever makes them happy without being judged. I feel like the newer generations are becoming more open minded and accepting and it’s such a good thing. There is already so much bad and hate in this world why should something that isn’t hurting anyone cause people to hate? A man loving a man, or a white woman loving a black man, isn’t going to hurt anyone or cause anyone to be killed. Focus hate and energy on the real criminals like terrorists, murderers, rapists, child/animal abusers, etc. These are real crimes that hurt others. It is 2019, it’s time that people learn to accept others that are different than you are. Different race, sex, religion people who just believe differently than you do, is all okay. You don’t have to agree with anyone else, or change your beliefs, but you don’t have to hate anyone because they live or believe different than you do. Love does not see skin color, or gender. Love does not see height, weight, eye color, or hair color. God made us all differently on the outside, but on the inside we are all the same. God made us equally. Love only knows how to love.


Blood Isn’t Always Thicker

Ive heard on more than one occasion, “you can’t love your step children the same way you love your biological children.” Same goes for parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc. People who think this way are simple minded. To me, family is family. I know it is possible to love your un-biological the same, or even more, than your biological relatives.

My parents divorced when I was three, then my mom re-married when I was six. That second marriage gave me a step sister, then not long after, a half brother. Personally speaking, my brother is no more my brother than my sister is my sister regardless of what our DNA will tell you. I don’t love either of them more than I love the other. My step dad raised me and loved me just as his own. He is my dad in my eyes, I just consider myself lucky to have two dads. My biological grandfathers were never much apart of my life while growing up, so I don’t really know them. But the man my paternal grandma married when I was only one, that is my paw paw. He’s the one who’s been there for me my entire life. I also have some uncles, aunts, cousins, etc that are related to me by marriage, same thing applies, I love them just the same.

My whole point is, you don’t have to be related by blood to be family, and you can love your non-blood relatives the exact same. I know they say blood is thicker, but the way I see it, I have family who isn’t blood, and blood who isn’t family.


Let That Hurt Go

Love is patient, love is kind. 
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking,
it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves.  
Love never fails. 

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Everyone goes through it. First loves. First heartbreaks. It changes most people. Well, atleast it did me, I thought he was the one I would spend the rest of my life with, my first love, my high school sweetheart. Love will make you do things you never thought you’d ever do. You think, why not? They’d do anything for me too, because we love each other, right? But then, you start to not even recognize yourself. You can’t understand why someone who loves you so much would hurt you so badly. Well the truth is, they might love you, or they might think they really do love you, but some people just don’t understand what it actually means to really love someone. So they just don’t know what love really is. I had to learn that the hard way, and it took me a really long time before I did. No matter what he did, I always took him back and forgave him. It’s like they have some kind of hold on you, something that makes it impossible for you to let go, and you don’t know how break away from it. But once you finally do, it is the best feeling in the world. You will start to find yourself again, and more than anything, you will be so proud of yourself. But just because you finally can decide this person will no longer be apart of your life, doesn’t mean you can just decide to stop caring. I’m not sure if you ever really stop caring for someone you once loved. Only time can tell the answer to that question.

What I do know, the relationship I was in for almost ten years was not good for me. I felt sad all the time, unworthy, unwanted, unloved, and unappreciated. There are many ways to abuse someone not just physically. And from my personal experience, emotional or mental abuse can be just as bad as physical. Atleast bruises and scars heal, and go away. When you’ve been mentally abused it drains the life from you, and it takes a long time to find within yourself the strength to recover from it, and realize you do matter, you are not worthless. My advice to anyone out there in an unhealthy relationship, but doesn’t know to get out of it, trust me when I say you can do it. Don’t do it because your friends tell you to, or your family wants you to, you have to want out. You have to come to your breaking point when enough is enough. I’m not saying it’s easy, especially if they continue to call or text. It’s hard to ignore it and to stay away, but you are strong enough, you have it in you. Just search for it and when you are ready, you will be able to let that hurt go, and it won’t be as hard as you thought it would be.

Criminal Justice · Personal Opinion

Death Row

Probably one of the most contradicting topics in America. I have watched a whole lot of death row documentaries, also I’ve read a good bit about it. The reason I say it’s contradicting, is because I can’t say I support it, but I can’t say I’m against it neither. I’m on the fence about whether it should be used as a method of punishment or not. Murder is wrong, obviously, so I do feel like there should be some extreme punishment for taking another life. But, as a christian, I don’t believe it is the government’s place to play God and decide when someone should die, and then kill them. Yes, I know they murdered someone, but they should have to answer for that. What makes the state any better to kill them just because the law says its okay? Murder is murder, and either way it is wrong. It should be up to God when it’s someone’s time to go, and if an individual made that decision on another person, they will answer to God for that themselves. But at the same time, murderers obviously should not ever be set free, and in the state of Alabama the average cost of housing is $14,780 per inmate per year. Why should tax payers have to pay to house someone that we know should never get out of prison? Of course, if the system didn’t incarcerate non violent offenders for lengthy sentences we might have the extra tax money to house the death row inmates vs killing them. It costs thousands of dollars just to purchase the drugs for lethal injection. Also, on death row inmates get a final meal, did their victims get to request a final meal? And how many people have been executed then later proved they were innocent? All I’m saying is, the death penalty does prevent prisons from over populating, but in order to execute they should have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this person is guilty of the crime, DNA, surveillance video, recorded conversation, confession etc. And also, make sure beyond a reasonable doubt that the person was not suffering from a mental illness at the time of the crime. I am not for or against the death penalty, but I am against executing innocent or mentally ill people.

War Eagle

Why I Love Football

Okay, there’s a lot of reasons why I love football actually. But let’s talk about how much I love when Auburn pulls off something nobody saw coming, and makes football history. The Iron Bowl (Alabama vs Auburn) is one of the biggest college football rivalries in the country. In 2013, we’re down to the last second of the game. Alabama is about to kick a field goal to tie the game sending us in to overtime. Every Alabama and Auburn fan are a nervous wreck. Then the unthinkable happens… Literally with 1 second on the clock, Alabama misses the field goal. Auburn’s Chris Davis catches the ball, runs it 109 yards all the back to score and win the game. IN ONE SECOND. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it myself. Best game winning play in football history, hands down. I still to this day get chills watching this video.

War Damn Eagle


Netflix: Binge Worthy

THE 100

The 100

If you don’t know what show to binge next on Netflix, and you’ve never seen this one, I HIGHLY recommend. Probably one of the best shows I have ever watched. I am not very good at explaining plots, but I will try my best. So, 97 years ago a nuclear explosion wiped out the earth’s population, and makes the planet un-survivable for humans, the only survivors left of the human kind are the space stations who were not on earth at the time of the explosion. All of the space stations combine to make “The Arc” to have more resources of surviving in space. So, the show actually takes place way in the future. The Arc is running out of oxygen. So they have to come to a solution, or everyone will die. They decide to send 100 of their juvenile prisoners to earth to see if it is survivable for humans, so everyone on The Arc can come down. The show follows the 100’s arrival to earth and how they survive on their own on a planet that’s been extinct for almost a century. (Atleast they thought it was extinct) I don’t wanna give away too many details, but trust me, it is well worth the watch.

Personal Opinion

Doctor Assisted Suicides

What is Doctor Assisted Suicide?

A doctor assisted suicide is when doctors help patients, who are terminally ill, end their lives on their own time, in a peaceful manner. So this would only apply to people who are already dying of cancer, heart disease, organ failure, etc.

My Personal Opinion

There are so many different views and opinions on this topic. In my opinion, doctor assisted suicides should be legal in the United States for terminally ill patients. These people are already dying, and most of the time these diseases cause slow, painful deaths. With doctor assisted suicides you do not feel any pain, and you get to choose when you’re ready to go. Why let people suffer longer than they have to, if they don’t want to? Only 7 states in the U.S allow doctor’s assistance in choosing to die, but you have to go through so many different steps before it is approved. But, don’t get the two confused. There is a huge difference in doctor assisted suicides and suicides. People taking their own lives is a tragic event that happens way too often these days, mostly because of mental disease, or depression. These are both real issues that can be helped if the warning signs are noticed. But terminally ill people with cancer, or any other terminal disease, these can not be cured. Dying is inevitable, and the individual person should be allowed to legally choose when they do not want to suffer any longer and get to go in peace. I know if I were diagnosed with a terminal disease, I would want the right to decide if I die slow and painful, or quickly on my own terms.

Below is the official trailer of a show I watched about doctor assisted suicides. I have also posted the link to watch the show on Hulu. It is worth the watch, and might make you understand more about what doctor assisted suicide is, and how it can benefit society.

Criminal Justice · Family

He’s Almost Home

My Daddy, Timothy Wayne Seabury

My dad is the kindest, down to earth soul you could ever meet. He loves playing guitar, and racing. He made a career out of welding. But he became an addict starting when I was about 5 years old. He was in and out the system most of my life. But we still remained close and he was still my best friend. This is something personal to me, but also something that made a huge impact on my life, because it involved someone who means so much to me. And someone our Criminal Justice system failed.

I am not here to convince anyone of his innocence, I know he broke the law. And he deserved to be punished. But he was given a sentence he did not deserve and did not fit the crime. This is our story.


It was June 2011, so I was 14 at the time. My dad was in an Alabama state prison serving a sentence for violating drug court. He was due to be Released in August. Until the federal marshals picked him up and told him he was going on trial in federal court for a crack/cocaine possession charge from July 2007. 454 grams of crack cocaine to be exact. Let me tell you, a federal courtroom is pretty scary to a 14 year old. He was offered a plea of 25 years if he named names of other people involved in these sort of crimes. If he did not take the deal, and was found guilty in court, he would receive a mandatory minimum sentence of life in federal prison. He refused to be a snitch, so we went to trial. Trial was scary. I seen my dad in shackles for the first time. 8 years later I still can’t get that out of my head. Long story short, after 3 days of trial, he was found guilty and was held pending sentencing.


We knew if he was found guilty at trial he would be given a mandatory life sentence. But, at the time I honestly did not believe they could give someone life in prison, without parole, for non-violent drug crimes. I remember thinking he was going to go away for a long time, but I couldn’t have even imagined what we were about to go through. November 18, 2019, I’m now 15, but that federal court room is still the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. But I felt confident going in there that everything was going to be okay. Until I walked in and saw my dad, sitting there, the look on his face was something I’d never seen on him before, worry, fear, regret, shame.. He looked at me and just shook his head. The judge said in front of a courtroom full of people that he wished it were different, but the law requires the only sentence he could give was life in prison without parole. While the federal marshals escorted my dad out of the courtroom, I didn’t know if that was the last time I’d ever see him or not. I felt like I had weights tied around my ankles and I was underwater, because I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move.

Accepting Life Sentence

The day after sentencing, we went to the jail my dad was being held at to visit. We didn’t know how much time we had until they shipped him off to federal prison, God knows how far across the country. I was terrified walking in that jail, I had been there to visit a bunch of times, but this time was different. He wasn’t coming home with me, ever. As I walked in the visiting room, I saw the man I expected to see at sentencing, a man smiling, bright faced, eyes shining. And then I got really mad, like really mad. How could he be smiling right now? He was given life in prison just yesterday. He was never coming home, he would never walk me down the isle, my future children would have to visit their grandfather in prison. And just as I started to say everything I was feeling, he looked at me, and said, “No matter what it takes, I will never give up. I will fight to come home to you, I will not let this kill me, I will not die in prison. I smiled, but I didn’t believe him. I knew that it was time to accept this for what it is, and realize he was never coming home. Accepting it was only the start of the hard part.

USP Pollock, Louisiana

It wasn’t very long before he was put on a plane and sent to Pollock, Louisiana, 8 hours away from home. USP Pollock is a maximum security federal prison, it is the 2nd most violent prison in the United States. I started making that 8 hour trip every 3 months to visit. I needed him to know I was still there for him, and they he wasn’t alone. Through the years more and more people stopped asking about him, he received less and less letters, he wasn’t mentioned at family events. Almost like he never existed. But he did exist, he was still my dad. It was hard. The prison went into lockdown all the time, because inmates were killing other inmates and guards, so I wouldn’t get to talk to him for weeks, sometimes months. I was scared each and everyday he was in that place. What if he gets killed? What if he’s just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Visiting became harder each time I went. I always kept myself together and reminded myself to stay strong for him, “Don’t let him see you cry, he needs you to be strong so he can be” and the hardest thing to do is fight back tears while hugging your father goodbye not knowing if that would be the last time or not. But I kept my composure, until they closed that steel metal door behind him. I would be depressed for days after visits. I started having nightmares. I didn’t want to be strong anymore, I was only 15, I just wanted to end it all.

Finally, one day I realized I feeling sorry for myself wasn’t helping or getting us anywhere. I had to do somethings, I had to atleast try, I knew I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if he spent the rest of his life in prison while I didn’t even try to do anything about it. But what could I do? I was only 16. I didn’t even know where to start. But, I started doing research, on anything and everything to do with the federal system. Mandatory minimum sentencing, War on Drugs law, federal drug laws, I researched for hours at a time looking for any kind of loop hole in the system. Nothing. I was hopeless, but I didn’t give up. For years I spent all the free time I had researching, waiting for new laws to be passed, but still nothing. I was starting to think, again, that he would never come home again, and there wasn’t anything that I could do about it.


We still weren’t giving up. We were never going to stop looking for a way to reduce his sentence, we would take anything but life. We just needed to find someway somehow to get the life sentence off of him, then we could figure out the rest later. But, we had no options. Until, one day I get a phone call from my dad, just like every other day he wasn’t on lock down, he told me President Barack Obama was starting The Clemency Project, a program for non-violent drug offenders in federal prison serving lengthy sentences. At the time, we did not know much about it, but he wanted me to look into it and do some research. My dad was a perfect candidate, no violent history, no disciplinary on his report, serving an unfair sentence for a non-violent drug crime. So we started the process, he filled out the application, wrote his statement, collected all of his certificates he earned by completing programs while in prison, and he mailed it to me. I got together his closest family members to write character witness letters on his behalf. Once I had all of this together, I then mailed it in. It was a lengthy process, first the application had to go to the United States Department of Justice office for review, to see if he met the guidelines for The Clemency Project. Then, it had to go to the White House, for Obama to make the final decision. Our problem, Obama only had a few months left in his final term as president, so we didn’t have any time to waste, this was what he waited for, prayed for, this was the only chance we had. So I met with a federal attorney in Mobile, and had her also mail in the application from her office, and then the Federal Defenders of the Southern District of Alabama also sent the application in electronically. I started petitions on sites like and got hundreds of signatures supporting my dad to be released, I was doing anything I could to bring attention to his case, I would’ve done anything to bring him home. But at that time, all we really could do was wait. Every month the president would sign a few hundred petitions at a time, every month I would wait and wait for the new list of clemency recipients to be published. And, month after month, his name was not on those lists. We were running out of time.

Beating a Life Sentence

Now, we were officially out of time. It was Monday, January 16, 2017. The last week of President Obama’s term, and he was due to release the names of clemency recipients for his last and final month. All day long, I refreshed and refreshed, and refreshed, waiting on the list… nothing. Same thing for Tuesday, nothing. The past couple months leading to that was hell, I could barely eat, the nightmares got worse. I had the same nightmare over and over again, I was visiting my dad, like I did every 3 months, except in my dream, when I walked into the prison visiting room I couldn’t find him. I looked all over the room and did not see him anywhere. Then, I hear my name, and when I look it’s an old man sitting down smiling, grey haired, wrinkled skin, I don’t recognize this man so I walk closer to see how he knows my name, and I see he has my dad’s smile, my dad’s eyes, this old man is my dad. I would wake up sweating, gasping for breath, because that was my biggest fear all along, was that my dad would grow old, and then someday die, behind bars. So Obama’s final week of office was a nervous meltdown for me. Finally, Wednesday, January 18, the clemency list is released. I scrolled through what seemed like thousands of names, no Timothy Seabury. I felt so defeated, it was over, my dad was going to die in prison. That moment was the only time I’d ever been relieved that the prison was in lock down, because I didn’t think I could bare having to tell my dad it was over, I failed him, I let him down. I spent the rest of the day just like I had the day he was sentenced. Sad, confused, scared. But for some reason I decided to check the internet for updates on The Clemency Project. The White House had released a statement that Obama was doing one more round of clemencies the next day. All of a sudden, I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time, hope. It was strange, but for some reason I was no longer nervous, or worried, I slept fine that night. The next day, Thursday, January 19, 2017, Obama’s final day as President of the United States, I woke up like any other day and went on about my day. My aunt was actually at my house visiting for a few days so and I went to Walmart to get groceries and other stuff we needed. I didn’t sit at home on my computer refreshing every five minutes waiting on that list, I actually didn’t think about it at all. It really was strange. So my aunt and I had just gotten back home and were in the kitchen putting up groceries when I heard my phone ringing, when I grabbed it out of my purse I saw it was one of my dad’s lawyers calling, my stomach dropped to my knees. I walked outside and answered the call. I was shaking so bad I could barely hold the phone. She told me she had just gotten off the phone with the pardon of attorney’s office, President signed and approved my dad’s petition for clemency that morning. It’s like I lost all feeling in my body because I immediately fell to the ground in tears, I couldn’t even speak to her other than to thank her. I have never felt joy like that in my life. I ran inside and just hollered out “He Got It!” and my aunt and grandmother already knew what I was talking about. They both ran to me and hugged me and we all sat in the hallway floor for a good 10 minutes just crying, in tears of joy, accomplishment, and relief. The strongest person I ever knew is my daddy. I had finally heard the words I was waiting on for so long, and I could finally say them out loud, my daddy’s coming home.

Conclusion: Release Date – July 9, 2026.

January 19, 2017 was the best day of my entire life. The only thing that could’ve made that day any better was if I could have talked to my dad. The prison was still on lockdown so I know he couldn’t call, so his lawyer told me she would call to inform him. A few weeks later, he was transferred out of that maximum security prison to a low security in Yazoo City, Mississippi. Which makes him now only 4 hours from home. Once he got there, he was finally able to call, and he was just as excited and jolly as I was. That’s all we could talk about was how all the hard work and stress payed off. It took him some time to adjust to living in a low security after living in a maximum for so many years, but once he did he’s been happy ever since. Now it is February 2019, he is still in Yazoo City. But, he is happy. He in in a band, and the prison holds family days for Christmas and Father’s Day where the bands get to play their music at visitation. I got to hear my daddy play guitar for the first time in 8 years, and I’ve now seen him play twice. We are still working to get his time reduced so he can come home sooner, they just passed The First Step Act through congress, so it’s looking like that will help his case a good bit, his lawyers are working on it and we are patiently waiting. But either way, I will not complain. After what we have been through how could I? Even though he still has 7 years left, I am okay with that. I have to be, because I know now, my daddy will not die in prison. We beat a life sentence. He’s almost home. I know now that he was right all along, he did not let this kill him, and I did not let it kill me.

I get asked a lot how I was able to stay so strong through it all. Truth is, I wasn’t, I was falling apart. I just hid it very fell. I had to, I was the reason he was fighting was so hard, I had to put on a brave face for him. I couldn’t tell him about the nightmares, about crying my eyes out after every visitation, or how I spent hours and months stressing on the internet researching studying his case. If he knew, he would’ve been sad, he would’ve been hurt. He had to stay strong. He needed to think I was okay, so he wouldn’t get discouraged. He’s the one that had to live in that awful place, and fight for his life every single day. I did what I had to do, and fought back my own emotions so that he would keep his head held high. That’s the truth. He was the strong one, the brave one, I just kept him motivated. He fought for me, so I had to fight for him the only way I knew how.

Criminal Justice

Back the Blue

The main reason I wanted to get into blogging was to rant and rave about the criminal justice system in America. Yes, our criminal justice system is flawed and yes, it needs so many adjustments made. And I know first hand how many good people get sentences that doesn’t fit the crime, while murderers and rapists get paroled in 15-20 years. I may rant about how corrupt and unfair the system is, but my problem is with the laws themselves, not the ones who enforce them.

So far in 2019, 15 American police officers have died in the line of duty. 2 were natural causes, 2 were car accidents, so 10 police officers murdered in 2019. 7 of them by gunfire. 2 of those gunfires were in my home state Alabama, 1 of them right here in my home town Mobile.

Murder is already something I can not wrap my mind around, or imagine what kind of person you have to be to take someone’s life. But, to kill a cop?!? And for what? Because you were doing something illegal, and the police were just trying to do their job? I’m no saint, I’ve sinned, I don’t always drive the speed limit, I drank when I was underage, I’ve smoked weed, I was just lucky to not ever get caught. But if I would’ve gotten caught, I couldn’t have blamed nobody but myself for breaking the law. Even though there are, in my opinion, many things that are illegal that shouldn’t be, like marijuana, but it is illegal. The cops don’t make the laws, but it is their job to enforce them. Police officers have families to feed and bills to pay just like everyone else, they can’t do that if they don’t do their jobs. I also know, there are very many corrupt cops out their who abuse their badge and authority, but there are also honest cops out there too. Either way, they don’t deserve to lose their life. Nobody does.

I back the blue, even if I don’t back some of the things they stand for.


Yorkie Mom


A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself

– Josh Billings

Yes, I am one of those obsessed dog moms. This is Bailey, we call her Bay Bay, Bay Ann, or Bay. Yorkie’s are very attached to their owners, so I have a permanent 4-legged shadow πŸ™‚ She loves treats, car rides, frogs, and being a lap dog. She hates baths and going to the vet. She amazes me everyday how smart she is, she knows how to communicate with me even though she can’t speak. She loves her family, anytime you even mention some of their names she can’t contain her excitement. She turns her head from side to side when you talk to her like she’s really listening and trying to understand what you’re saying. If you try to leave the house without her, she lays in front of the door and tucks her head between her paws until you pick her up and make her move. She hates fetch, she will run after it, but will not pick it up and will not bring it back to you. This is my child, I could not imagine my life without her, she is my very best friend. To never know the love of a dog, is to miss the best thing that life has to give.


Stuffed Taco Shells

I actually got the idea from Pinterest and I love almost anything pasta related, so I decided to give it a try. It’s super easy to make, and cheap. Quantity of ingredients is based on how much you want to make. Of course, I done a few things different than the Pinterest recipe, but it’s most definitely one of my favorite foods.


  • Jumbo Pasta Shells
  • Hamburger meat
  • Shredded Cheese (I use taco blend, but you use whatever you prefer)
  • Cream Cheese
  • Salsa
  • Taco Seasoning

How to Make

  1. Brown hamburger meat
  2. Boil pasta shells
  3. Once meat is completely browned, drain
  4. Put drained meat back on the stove, add taco seasoning and water and bring to a boil, stir
  5. Add in cream cheese and salsa, bring to a boil
  6. Stir until cream cheese is melted
  7. Drain shells once they are done boiling, make sure to let them cool
  8. Cover an oven pan with foil and spray to keep shells from sticking
  9. Fill each shell one by one with meat mixture and place on baking pan
  10. Once each shell is filled, add a spoon of salsa on top of each shell
  11. Sprinkle shredded cheese over each shell
  12. Cover the entire pan with foil to keep shells from hardening
  13. Bake about 10-15 minutes until cheese is melted

Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚


So You Think You Can Dance

I was a dancer and a cheerleader growing up, so still to this day I love watching dance videos. Hip hop was always my favorite, but I also liked lyrical, jazz, cheer, and tumbling. Just like I have favorite music artists, I have favorite dancers too. One of them, Twitch from So You Think You Can Dance. So I thought I’d share one of my favorite dances with Twitch, hope yall enjoy πŸ™‚