Criminal Justice

Back the Blue

The main reason I wanted to get into blogging was to rant and rave about the criminal justice system in America. Yes, our criminal justice system is flawed and yes, it needs so many adjustments made. And I know first hand how many good people get sentences that doesn’t fit the crime, while murderers and rapists get paroled in 15-20 years. I may rant about how corrupt and unfair the system is, but my problem is with the laws themselves, not the ones who enforce them.

So far in 2019, 15 American police officers have died in the line of duty. 2 were natural causes, 2 were car accidents, so 10 police officers murdered in 2019. 7 of them by gunfire. 2 of those gunfires were in my home state Alabama, 1 of them right here in my home town Mobile.

Murder is already something I can not wrap my mind around, or imagine what kind of person you have to be to take someone’s life. But, to kill a cop?!? And for what? Because you were doing something illegal, and the police were just trying to do their job? I’m no saint, I’ve sinned, I don’t always drive the speed limit, I drank when I was underage, I’ve smoked weed, I was just lucky to not ever get caught. But if I would’ve gotten caught, I couldn’t have blamed nobody but myself for breaking the law. Even though there are, in my opinion, many things that are illegal that shouldn’t be, like marijuana, but it is illegal. The cops don’t make the laws, but it is their job to enforce them. Police officers have families to feed and bills to pay just like everyone else, they can’t do that if they don’t do their jobs. I also know, there are very many corrupt cops out their who abuse their badge and authority, but there are also honest cops out there too. Either way, they don’t deserve to lose their life. Nobody does.

I back the blue, even if I don’t back some of the things they stand for.


RIP Chester Bennington

I wouldn’t say rock is my favorite music genre, but I used to play a lot of Guitar Hero, therefore, I know a lot of rock songs.

Linkin Park was my favorite band.

Chester Bennington’s suicide actually deeply bothered me.

Aaron Lewis is also another of my favorite artists, and him getting choked up while singing Linkin Park’s “Crawling’ as a tribute, brought tears to my eyes. Such a beautiful soul gone too soon.

RIP Chester Bennington

Aaron Lewis singing “Crawling” by Linkin Park as tribute to Chester Bennington

Yorkie Mom


A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself

– Josh Billings

Yes, I am one of those obsessed dog moms. This is Bailey, we call her Bay Bay, Bay Ann, or Bay. Yorkie’s are very attached to their owners, so I have a permanent 4-legged shadow πŸ™‚ She loves treats, car rides, frogs, and being a lap dog. She hates baths and going to the vet. She amazes me everyday how smart she is, she knows how to communicate with me even though she can’t speak. She loves her family, anytime you even mention some of their names she can’t contain her excitement. She turns her head from side to side when you talk to her like she’s really listening and trying to understand what you’re saying. If you try to leave the house without her, she lays in front of the door and tucks her head between her paws until you pick her up and make her move. She hates fetch, she will run after it, but will not pick it up and will not bring it back to you. This is my child, I could not imagine my life without her, she is my very best friend. To never know the love of a dog, is to miss the best thing that life has to give.